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Release of Brand new Code of Conduct Course for LG Victoria

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The "Meh" Effect | Why some of us are feeling unmotivated this year

Brand new Code of Conduct Module for LG Victoria

Brand new Code of Conduct Module for NSW Local Government

Brand new Child Safe Standards Module and other Courses for NSW LG

Emergency Services Exercise Simulations with xAPI

What the Future Holds for Our Workforce

A Walk Down Memory Lane


New Courses October 2020

Pandemic Chronicles - A Mental Health Narrative

Using Audio and Video - show, don't tell

LG Online Outdoors National Initiative - Project launch date confirmed.

Introducing Blueprint Poblano

Finding the perfect Learning Platform

Powerful Instructional Design!

The New Normal

LG Online Course Updates

OHS (COVID-19 Incident Notification) Regulations 2020 (Vic)

Online Outdoors - Free National LG Initiative - Kickoff

The State of eLearning in LG (2020) Report

Staff Induction in a Post-COVID World

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An ethical framework for learning analytics

This is going to be fun...

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The lazy training genius

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70:20:10 and how to do it

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Gotta love trainers' ingenuity!

xAPI in the real world part 2

xAPI in the real world

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xAPI is NOT the new SCORM

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It's not the online medium that's the problem, it's the attitude!

OHS Rules in Australia

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Online Training: how the scam operates

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Compliance musings as I circumnavigate the bay