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Emergency Services Exercise Simulations with xAPI

Dec 22, 2020 5:01:52 PM / by Zawad Rahman

Global Vision and the xAPI team down under, formed a cohort this year where we teamed up with Developers, Instructional designers, independent consultants and representative from the Country Fire Authority to develop a proof of Concept for a Tactical Deployment Smart Module that we donated to the Country Fire Authority to provide an xAPI-driven Course for frontline Volunteer Firefighters during future bushfire seasons.

We are deeply excited about this project!

Check out the details of our work here:



Zawad Rahman

Written by Zawad Rahman

Zawad Rahman is a prominent educational tech specialist and is currently the National Sales Director (ANZ) at Global VIsion. An avid fiction writer and content creator. Zawad was educated at RMIT where he specialised in AI and Software Engineering before launching a successful career that has panned well over a decade. For the past 14 years, Zawad has mentored, and worked with some of the biggest organisations in Australia before coming on board as Director | Sales & Marketing at Global